Frequently asked questions for Employers

No, there is no fee for Coadys to refer candidates for temporary or permanent positions. A fee only applies if Coadys Client employs a candidate who has been referred by Coadys or takes a candidate referred by Coadys on as a temp.
It makes an enormous difference to the effectiveness of Coadys services if we have met our Clients and visited the premises. Our Consultants gain a much stronger understanding of Company culture and ‘person fit’ as well as developing a stronger understanding of your Company in order to present this detail to our candidates when discussing vacancies.
No, Coadys fee includes all advertising costs (except for display ads in print media).
Coadys can fill ‘same-day’ temp assignments; we have temps on standby for unexpected / urgent requirements.
A guarantee applies to all temporary employees supplied by Coadys. If a client is dissatisfied with the performance and skills of a temporary employee no charge will be made provided that Coadys is notified within 4 hours of the commencement of an assignment booked for over 7 hours and within 2 hours of assignments booked for 7 hours or less.

Should the employee be terminated or leave under any circumstances within the specified period of the guarantee Coadys will provide one free replacement or will refund 50% of the original fee, provided always that the original invoice is paid within 14 days of the date issued.

Frequently asked questions for Job Seekers

Coadys pay above award rates however they will vary depending on the position, please speak to your Coadys Consultant for more information.
Coadys run a weekly payroll; every Monday morning (except for public holidays when payroll is re-scheduled). It is your responsibility to organise your timesheet to be signed by your Supervisor or an authorised representative. We are unable to pay you without a signed timesheet (however we can backpay the following week).
Contact your Coadys representative, we can be contacted out of hours if this is necessary. +61 2 9411 2055
Contact your Coadys Consultant or in long term assignments if you have a close working relationship with our host client you can contact them directly (please keep your Coadys Consultant informed).

Coadys will always advise if your assignment requires very corporate attire. We always recommend dressing up rather than down on your first day and getting a feel for the dress code from there. Always assume Client presmises will be corporate unless advised otherwise.
During working hours Coady temps are expected to not make or receive personal calls. Please switch off/to silent your mobile phone whilst working on temporary assignments and check and receive messages/make calls on your lunch break.

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